Carbon Steel Casting1

Carbon Steel Casting Grades

Carbon Steel Casting is a type of ferrous investment casting in which casts are made out of stainless and carbon alloy steels. During steel casting, free-flowing liquid steel is shaped through the use of molds. Carbon steel casting produces small, complex, or hard-to-machine shapes, eliminating the need for assembly, welding, and other finishing work. Xinhui Precision Casting casting is the single most complete source for your carbon steel castings for any grade.

Mainly carbon steel casting

  • AISI 1020
  • SAE 4140
  • SAE 8620

Machining, testing and treat

We also have the capabilities of furnishing secondary operations including machining, testing, heat-treat further with assembly. Our surface-treatment are as good as any foundry can offer, better than most.

Xinhui Precision Casting casting can make the biggest cost savings for you, if some need please feel free to
contact us.

Xinhui Precision Casting casting also provides carbon steel casting which can well replace sand casting, forging, machined components with significant cost savings.