Investment Casting China Supplier

We as a investment casting China manufacturer will provide customers excellent products with competitive price. You only need send us drawings and request for material, then we will do everything well for you. The excellent services and competitive price will make you feel satisfied very much. Not to hesitate to contact us for more discussion.

At present, the precision casting process we adopt include: vacuum casting, Silica sol casting, lost wax investment casting and low pressure casting; the material we adopt mainly include: superalloy, stainless steel, carbon steel,  tool steel, and aluminum alloy…Among these castings, the vacuum casting products’ advantage is the most outstanding in our company.

(1) Vacuum casting can help the excluding of gas in the mould and inhibit the turbulence and the volume of gas. It can overcome the disadvantages of the traditional casting, and make the filling ability of the metal liquid improve significantly.

(2) Because of the improvement of filling ability while vacuum casting, the metal liquid’s casting temperature can be lower than the traditional casting about 20~30 degree.

(3) Possibility of casting parts with big difference on the wall thickness, thin-walled parts and parts with high quality and complicated shapes.

We adhere the ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System, constantly improving our products’ quality, in order to provide the best quality products and most considerate service to our customers; we satisfy our customers with the most competitive price and the most timely producing time. Because we are dedicated, we are more professional!