Lost foam castings

Lost foam casting process(LFC), also called type of evaporative pattern casting, is one technic of investment casting processes.The operating principle is, making foam models with same dimensions as actual products, assembling foam models by welding, painting the foam models with fire resistant material and baking, cover the foam models with dry quartz sand for shaking modelling, casting under negative pressure to gasify the foam and fill the mould with steel water, keeping casting roughs inside sand to cool down, then do the sand clearing, shot blasting and machining process to get the finished lost foam castings.

Compared with the traditional investment casting process,such as water glass castings,lost foam casting process has been innovated to reach more requirements as followings,

1. Qualified casting with lower costs.
2. No limitations for casting materials or weights of castings.
3. Accurate dimensions(CT8), smooth surface, cost and time saving for clearing and machining process.
4. Substantially reduction of inside defects, such as shrinkage, sand holes, pores, etc. Thus to improve the densification of the castings.
5. Easily used for automotive and environmental protective large-scale, flow line mass production.
6. Better working situation, reducing labor intensity and energy consumption.

The usually used materials for lost foam castings are ductile iron,gray iron,high chrome iron, etc. weight of products range from 0.5kgs to 50kgs. Such lost foam casting are mainly used in the field of agricultural machinery parts, railway castings,ect.