Lost wax castings

Lost wax casting is the main technology of investment castings. Our engineers have been in this field for many years with mature technology. So we are in great confidence to ensure good quality. The main process of lost wax castings
is: mould design–mould making–wax injection–tree assembly–shell making-dewaxing-shell roasting-pouring-heatment treatment-machining-package.

Advantages of lost wax castings:
1. Accuracy: Dimension tolerance–CT5~CT7,  roughness–Ra2.5~6.3μm, weights range from 10g to 80kg;
2. The surface shape and inner cavity is almost not limited,we could manufacture lost wax castings with mininum wall thickness 0.5mm;
3. Various steel can be used,either alloy steel,stainless steel,carbon steel is ok.

Disadvantage of lost wax castings:the production cycle is relatively long and it is not suitable for large products.But no problem, you could choose sand casting foundry.

Classification of lost wax castings:

1.Water glass casting: large surface roughness,low dimension accuracy with short shell making cycle. The typical product with this technology is bucket teeth,which is widely used in construction machinery.

2.Silica sol casting: small roughness,high dimension accuracy with high material costs and long shell making cycle. We normally use silica sol casting technology to make stainless steel castings.