Silica sol casting

Silica sol casting is a typical investment casting process for stainless steel investment castings.The main process of silica sol casting is mould desigh & making–wax making–tree assembling–dewax–pouring–grinding-heatment-inspection-package. Fly foundry could manufacture silica sol castings from 0.1kg-120kg.

Below is the advantages of silica sol castings:

1. The surface finish we could meet is CT5-6.So the surface of products looks very smooth.

2. It is only suitable for small parts,for big parts,we prefer sand casting.

3. As the dimension accuracy is high,so there is no need to machining for some sections, which will save much machining costs and time.

4. Beside stainless steels, silica sol casting process is also used for casting small size alloy steels and carbon steels.

Surface treatment for silica sol castings:

A. Polishing. Polishing is one of the most important surface treatment for silica sol castings. With polishing, the surface of castings will be much more smooth and bright. Surface roughness can reach Ra0.63-0.01. Surface roughness of finish polishing even reach Ra0.01max. Usually used polishing methonds for silica sol castings are mirror polishing and electrochemical polishing.

B. Painting. Some customers also require their silica sol castings to be painted with certain colour.

The main products of silica sol castings that we are making are as follows:

Valve castings
Pump castings
Impeller castings
Food machinery castings
Cnc lathe castings