We have always been comfortable working in very tight tolerances, ensuring final quality and delivering product on time.  Our customer base is as diverse as our experience, and we have people who are the best at what they do, manufacturing close tolerance parts where thousandths of an inch are the difference between pass and fail.  1

As growth in the manufacturing environment has taken place, we have implemented and continue to improve a quality system devoted to our pursuit  of perfection.We have dedicated quality control personnel who examine every detail of the parts we manufacture, and we regularly add equipment to our Quality Control department to fulfill the inspection requirements of various parts.  Synonymous with our improvement in these areas, we have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment, including multi-axis CNC machines and CMM measuring machines, which allow us to control costs and improve productivity levels and turnaround time.

Our Process and CNC Programming uses AutoCAD for 3D capabilities and drawing exchange. While utilizing Pro CAD/CAM software created by Teksoft for quoting, process planning, fixturing and tooling, the Teksoft CAM system allows us to create programs for our CNC machinery from computer-generated drawings. Thus, giving us the capability to efficiently and accurately manufacture quality parts. 2

We will remain proactive in utilizing the most advanced equipment and developing effective systems and processes. It is our continual commitment to enhance our customers expectations in quality, delivery and value.