Zouping Xinhui Precision Casting Co.,ltd is a China manufacturer producing various customized precision castparts.

Our mission and special advantages of investment castings:
1.High dimension accuracy, the general linear tolerance is 1%,angle tolerance is ±0.5°. Also the surface finish of invesment casting we could meet is Ra1.6~3.2, which will save material and machining fees..
2.Products: impellers, pump body, valve, filter fittings, marine hardwar, pipe fittings, turbocharger spares, turbine wheels, compressor wheels, compressor impellers, gas turbine blades, nozzle rings, nozzle guide vanes, turbojet engine, turbine blades, turbine impellers of gas turbine, turbine blades of steam turbine, marine engine turbine blades and other power equipment precision castparts.
3.Material: stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminium etc.
4.The annual production is 5,000 tons which will certify that we can deliver the goods in time.
5.Many advanced equipments: such as Spectrometer imported from Germany for chemical composition analysis and three-dimensional test machine imported from Swiss for dimension inspection. Besides, there are numerous advanced equipments in the precision machining workshop.
6.Wide properties of casted material(heat resistant,wear resistant, corrosion resisting),the material hardness could reach HRC15-60 to meet various demands.
7.Fancy letters or LOGO can be casted on the surface to improve the image of products.
8.ISO certification: our company has gotten the certification of ISO9001, We are also a member of China Foundry Association with our qualified precision investment casting.