Rapid prototype casting

Xinhui Precision Casting has the capability to produce prototype castings in less than one week to prove out the design of a part without the expense of hard tooling. Rapid prototype casting offers numerous advantages over other prototyping methods. Rapid prototype casting provides tight dimensional tolerances and allows for complex geometries, including cored geometries. Because they’re created at near-net shape, rapid prototype castings require little to no additional machining or finishing to reach their final form. We work with all industry standard CAD formats, and can assist you in selecting the ideal casting alloy for your product. We offer design assistance to improve the manufacturability of your designs, which will save time and expense in volume production after your design is finalized. Request a quote today on rapid prototype castings, or contact us for more information.

Our Prototyping Abilities

3D Scanner

We use our 3D scanner to capture the geometry of a customer supplied sample part or wax pattern. With further software processing, the part can be replicated using our 3D wax printer. We also have the ability to generate a CAD file based on the geometry. The CAD file can be used to manufacture a metal die to create wax patterns and also to generate an engineering drawing if needed.

CAD Software

We have the ability to quickly produce drawings from models or make changes to existing models to help keep projects moving quickly. Please contact us and let us know how we can serve your rapid prototype casting needs.