Xinhui Precision Casting has experience pouring a wide variety of stainless steel alloy casts. The most common alloys we have poured are listed below. We are also capable of1 pouring other air melt alloys upon your request. Specific material chemistry and mechanical specifications will be provided to you if needed. For your Stainless Steel Castings needs, Xinhui Precision Casting casting can help you out.

With capabilities of a few grams up to decades kgs, we produce stainless steel casting for many diversified industrial markets.

Mainly cast stainless steel alloy

  • SS302
  • SS303
  • SS304
  • SS304L
  • SS306
  • SS316
  • SS316L
  • SS410
  • Hastelloy
  • Inconel
  • Monel

We perform stainless steel investment casting in a wide variety of alloys. Please refer to the table below for a more comprehensive listing of SS alloys we cast.
If you have request about a particular alloy, please feel free to contact us.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting Options

302 CF20 A33 Hastelloy B N12M
303 CF16F A40 CD4MCU/25-5 PH Hastelloy C CW 12M
304 CF-8 A30 CE30 Hastelloy A34
304L CF-3 A60 CA6/15-5 PH QQN-228A Monel A
316 CF8M A17-4 17-4 PH QQN-228B Monel B
316L CF3M A121 NI Res #1 QQN-228C Monel C
317 CG8M NI Res #2 QQN-228E Monel E
347 CF8C 309 HH 25-12 Inconel 600/625
410 CA15 310 HK 25-20 CZ 100 Commercial Nickel
416 330 HT 35-15 CA6NM
420 CA-40 HU 39-18
431 CB-30 HW 60-12
440-C HX 65-18
A20 CN7M (carpenter 20)